Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our last day at RAC Camp

We met some new friends at RAC Camp.
ThierrySucette and GeneviveDoree gave Zoe and me a horseback riding lesson today!
It was a lot of fun! Here I am riding a nice gentle horse named Shadow.
This is Zoe on a horse named Aura.
Isn't the Island pretty? We just love it here.
Thanks so much, Thierry and Genevive!

Our exciting day at RAC Camp

I couldn't stand my dirty uniform anymore!
I just had to wash it.
I thought our swim suits needed washing too.
After I did all that, I helped Zoe with our Arts & Crafts badge.
Here's a nice picture of our Camp Site.
We've sure had fun here the last 10 days!

Zoe finished her paper hat before I did.
We used copies of La Semaine de Suzette papers.
Zoe ran to Canteen and got us 2 icecream cones.
It was a hot day. We are working on our sea shell badge next.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Admiral Camp Visitor's Day

Sunday, August 29, 2010 was Visiting Day at Camp.
Our new sister, Helena, showed up with a red balloon for us,
and she also brought cookies!
Zoe lost the pretty balloon in the woods when we went for a short hike.
She only had 3 because she had burned the rest.
The cookies were delicious.
We didn't mind that there were so few because we had a yummy lunch at the Mess Hall later.
We took Helena to Sunday School lessons by the river the first thing.
The mosquitoes weren't too bad today.
We showed Helena where we sleep.
We wanted her to try sleeping overnight but she wanted to go home with Maman.
In the afternoon we sailed on Lexie's pretty sail boat.
We sailed with Ada Matilda too! It was lots of fun.
We're going to learn knot tying today. I can hardly wait!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Admiral Camp and Paper Hats

This is our friend, Admiral Claire.
Her Maman, Gael, has organized this Camp for all us Bleuettes.
Maman Gael also made up the pattern for the Camp Uniform.
The first 10 people to sign up got a FREE uniform kit with the green fabric and red rick rack and the scarf fabric too. Our Maman had trouble making the uniforms but we helped her and we just love them!

We're having fun at Admiral Camp.
Today we're going to make Paper Hats in Arts and Crafts.
Maman is going to visit Camp and show us how!
If you would like to learn how to make paper hats and can't join us, here is a link for instructions.
Tante Julie gave us the link. All her girls made paper hats and now we all want one too!
If you click on the first picture at the top of this post, you can use that for your paper hat after you've saved it to your own computer.
Maman used this after making it bigger so it fills nearly half a page.
It should be 5 " by 7" on your page. I'm sure you'll know how to do this!
Have fun! We'll post pictures after we make our own hats.
We love Admiral Camp!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Admiral Camp and picnics

At last, we're on our way! We packed our clothes in the now empty treasure chest, and fastened it to our little row boat along with our flotation device.
Maman gave us 2 sturdy oars.
Here we are, going down the mighty Fraser River. We met a few dolphins along the way.
Aren't they cute?
On Sunday afternoon we stopped in at Madeline's house for a picnic.
We spent the night there too.
Maman forgot to take pictures in the dark.
We are so excited to nearly be at Camp!
Admiral Camp will last for one week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

More treasure!

Today Zoe and I set out on our hike to earn our Hiking Badge.
We weren't sure where to go at first, but then we figured out which way the map was showing us to go. Up!
Zoe found this map underneath the treasure in the chest.

We were in a beautiful fern meadow.
The map directed us up a steep path.
We looked up when we heard someone shouting to us.
There was a girl up at the very top!
She was waving her hands and jumping up and down.
We finally reached her.
She was very excited. She told us she'd slept all night in the Caves.
Maman knew all about it!
She said her name was Helena and she had traveled from Texas to be our new sister!
We couldn't believe it and were so surprised.
She is the new treasure!

We both hugged her and said we'd be happy if she came to live with us and share our adventures.
We headed back on our pirate boats and set up Camp.
I'm holding the firewood while Zoe saws it into smaller pieces.
Helena was so exhausted she fell asleep in the tent.
After we built the campfire, Helena came out in her sleeping bag and joined us for a sing a long. I played the guitar. We sang rousing campfire songs before going to bed.
It sure was a wonderful day!
Yvette Marie signing off and turning in.
Good night!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our next adventure...a sewing badge!

Zoe doesn't like sewing.
But she wishes to earn her Sewing Badge in Admiral Claire's Camp.
So she is working hard on her neck scarf.
At the other end of the sewing room is me, Yvette Marie.
I use the treadle machine while Zoe uses the portable model.
I love sewing so much. I helped Maman with my rick rack trim and I did the tassel on my hat all by myself!
Here we are in our finished outfits.
Admiral Claire is in the photograph.
We studied her uniform a lot to be sure to get ours right.
Now we have both earned our first badge!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our treasure chest adventure

We went on an adventure yesterday afternoon.
It was a Boiling Hot Day.
It was nearly 35 C which is 100 F.
That is very hot!
We took our new boat.
Maman helped us. A big wave nearly washed us away!
I fell backwards in the boat and my braid got wet.
Maman finished my bathing suit yesterday.
She had a Migraine because it's too hot.
She sewed very slowly but she got it done.
Here Zoe and I are getting the boat docked before it washes away. Right away Zoe found a lump in the sand.
The sand was quite hot but we started to dig.
The lump felt very hard.
I thought it was a big shell.
Zoe thought it might be a treasure chest.
Look! Zoe was right!
The wooden chest was filled with rubies and emeralds and gold beads.
We were so suprised! Maman said we could keep them.
We need to clean them up first. They are very dusty.
I guess they are from a pirate's ship!
A long time ago there used to be smugglers along the BC coast.

Zoe and I were so tired after our rowing and digging.
We rested by the water and shared a picnic lunch.
I love my new bathing suit!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yvette Marie's favourite hobby

I really love to help Maman with the flower garden.
Here I am last summer helping to water the snapdragons.
Maman needs to take another picture of me gardening.
Her garden is much bigger this year. It's very pretty.
She only plants flowers. She doesn't plant veggies because she shops at Farmer's Markets each Saturday and the veggies and fruit are so delicious.
She says it's cheaper that way.
Today we had a heat wave so none of us went outside.
Well, only Maman did, to water the garden.
Maman has half way finished my bathing suit.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zoe's fire truck

Maman bought me this fire truck and I tried it out right away.
It works really well.
I love to ride in it each day.
We're having a HOT summer here in Vancouver where we live.
Maman said that July was the hotest July ever.
We only had a thimbleful of rain.
I am very happy this summer. I love to play outside each day.
Love from Zoe

For Madeline

Oh my goodness! We just found a comment from our new friend Madeline.
We didn't know how to check for comments but now we do.
I'm so sorry to hear your family had red eyes from the smoke.
Maman had problems too.
Today she was still sore from the migraine she had yesterday.
She gets them a lot but not too much this summer.
We don't have a basement.
But we do have one of those animals with big teeth!
We stay far away from her.
Up above is a picture of Madeline in the hotel near the doll show we all went to back in March. Maman got a lovely new friend for us too. She is in pink. Madeline is in white.
Aren't they both pretty?
Madeline, I'm glad you wrote to us.
Maman is making a wonderful prize for the one whose name is picked out of the big bowl.
I hope you're out of the basement now.
Hugs from Yvette Marie & Zoe

For ThierrySucette

This is our new penpal, ThierrySucette.
So far she has left us the mostest comments.
We're going to put them in a big bowl and in September on Labour Day we will pull out one name. We will announce the winner of the lovely prize on that day.
We think the prize is a beautiful Hanky Dress made by Maman.
We'll post a picture of it closer to Labour Day.
ThierrySucette, we're glad your Maman has figured out how to let you leave us messages.
We just found them today! We are so excited to get messages, sort of like in a bottle.
We hope you don't mind your picture showing up here on our blog.
We think you are so pretty in your beautiful new white dress.
Hugs from Yvette Marie

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zoe's Adventure on an Island

It's me Zoe who is typing now.
This is me when I got to Vancouver Island.
We went for a walk along the beach.
Maman said this is Bazan Bay.
It was lots of fun and this was after the fun ferry ride.
Maman bought me some pretty shells on the ferry to share with Yvette Marie.
She didn't come with because Maman says it's too hard to take care of 2 Bleuettes at once.
I don't think we're too much trouble.
Maman brought the piece of driftwood home for our garden.
It was just my size!

The next day we went to a beautiful place.
It was just like Heaven must be!
It's called the Butchart Gardens.
Here I am with Maman holding me and Grand-maman and Grand-papa beside us.
I got to have High Tea in the lovely dining room.
It was scrumptious.
We walked for a long time in the pretty gardens.
We were here for 4 hours. I'm kissing a frog for the you know what.
But I didn't see one.
It's just so lovely here.

This is the sunken garden.
This is the Italian Garden.
I did so wish Yvette Marie could be here too.
She loves gardening.

It was a wonderful holiday. Maman says she could live here and I could too.
Papa said it was too cold for him. We think it was just perfect!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Spring Trip to Washington

Ever since Zoe came to live here we've had exciting adventures!
We went on our first road trip together in March.
We travelled safely in my trunk.
Maman made our Teal Outfits for us, using a pattern from Robin Barrows on eBay.
She even made us little name tags because we were going to meet other Bleuettes!
After the doll show Maman had lunch with Tante Bonnie and Tante Donna.
Aren't we cute? Tante Donna made us our bunny masks.

This is a picture of all the goodies Maman bought for us!

Here is Papa and Maman and us.
The pretty girl in the white dress was bought at the doll show.
Her name is Madeline and she belongs to Tante Linda.
We were all in such a rush to get back to the doll show that we forgot to put Tante Linda in the picture! She came in our car with us.
It's fun to meet new friends and travel too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Zoe first came to Maman's House

It's my turn to type.
I'm Zoe.
I came with Pere Noel last year to Maman's house.
It was December 23 and nearly Christmas Day!
Someone was already living in the Big Girl's House on the window seat.
She was all alone and so lonesome. Of course that's my sister Yvette Marie.
But I didn't know that then.
My first Maman was Marcie who lives far away in Florida.
Maman Marcie decided that Yvette Marie was just too lonesome here in Canada.
She asked all my sisters and me who would like to come here to live.
I put up my hand because I do like adventures!
So when Pere Noel stopped by I hopped in his big bag on his sleigh.
I was so happy to be with Yvette Marie. She was wearing a new red dress and hat made by Tante Sarah Jean who lives in another part of Canada.

I also got a new dress and new shoes and socks and a hair ribbon.
Maman made my red Allure dress for a December Challenge.
It's very pretty and I can hardly wait to wear it again.

Here is Maman holding both of us.
Christmas 2009 seems like a very, very long time ago.
I've had so many fun times since then.
I'm glad I got to tell you all about how I came here.
It was so kind of Maman Marcie to send me here, and my Maman still hasn't gotten over it.
Hugs and things from Zoe.