Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Something in the mail!

Our new sweaters came in the mail today!
Tante Georgia made them.
Dear Maman cannot manage 2 needles so she cannot knit.
Aren't our sweaters beautiful?
Best of all they are soooo comfy and cozy!
Maman also got a new book in the mail for FREE. She earned amazon dollars from a survey.
The book is about murder and dolls.
That sounds very odd to me but Maman is happy with it.
The pretty flowers are from her son Matthew.
I think Spring is just around the corner.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Something for Sale and our 60th post!

We've been hard at work helping Maman paint these Easter baskets. Maman added the paper straw and glued in the tiny eggs. She also glued on the decorations.
Do your little Bleus need an Easter basket?
These are for sale at the For Bleuette doll site.
You have to join in order to buy!
It's really fun there. Maman bought something for us 2 weeks ago and it came today!
I will post about that later.
Daisy is modeling the baskets. She does a good job.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A bit of spring

Helena and I were allowed out in the garden yesterday.
It was quite warm if you didn't stay in the shade!
We still don't have our new sweaters that Maman bought for us online.
My dress is very warm, but Helena's is a bit thin.
We loved picking snowdrops in Maman's garden.
They are so pretty!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Friday, March 4, 2011

A very special birthday party!

Maman has just finished a very pretty dress for our cousin, Daisy.
Maman used a pattern from the talented Robin Barrows.
Her patterns are on eBay. Her name there is "dressadoll".
Maman says her patterns are Very Easy to Follow.
I think that Daisy looks beautiful in her new dress.
She is turning 100 on March 15th!
The first Daisy was a doll made in Germany for a magazine called The Ladies Home Journal.
If little girls wanted one, they had to get subscription orders for the magazine and send them in.
Not very many Daisy dolls were made. There aren't many left.
Maman bought a tiny one that's a Daisyette, only ssshhh....she isn't really 100 years old.
A lady named Beth Golding made her.
I just love her beautiful hair!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo