Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

This is our very first Leap Day in Maman's house because we didn't live here at the last Leap Day which was in 2008.
A Leap Day is an EXTRA day every 4 years.
Isn't that very odd?
Maman says it's to keep the seasons in tune with the calendar or everything would be all mixed up because of the earth spinning around the sun, or the sun spinning around the earth.
I don't know which it is but I can't bother my head about it.
I'm just glad we got another extra day!
Here I am laying under the quilt Maman and I made together.
I hand tufted it. It was fun!
This is the first prize for the Grand Draw tomorrow.
I am helping Maman put together all the names for the Grand Draw.
Zoe and the rest are helping.

The prizes are for the Mamans who worked so hard on their Prairie Girl challenge.
Maman was studying for a Bible course she is taking and knitting a shawl for me, plus putting the prizes together, so she didn't get my dress finished.
But she promises to work on it in March.
March is tomorrow so I am happy.

This is the 5th prize for the Grand Draw.
It's a set of little books that Maman made herself.
They are the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder for Bleuettes!
I want Maman to make us a set for our own library.
I love to read.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day to all our dear Bleuette friends!
Maman organized a wonderful Valentine's tea on Saturday.
We think it was wonderful because 4 friends came with their Mamans.
Best of all two of us got new dresses!
Left to right is: Robinette, Ashley, Madeline, myself Yvette Marie, ? (can't remember her name!) and a new girl. In front is our new baby, and Helena.

Helena is modeling the dress Maman made for Linda.
I am wearing a dress made by Linda from last Valentine's Day.
Baby is wearing a romper made by Maman.

Chatty Cathy with Helena and premier who is still nameless.

The Valentine suitcase Maman created for Tante Isabelle.

The Valentine suitcase Maman created for Tante Linda.

Our Valentine tea table!

One more Valentine photo.
Tante Isabelle knitted the pretty shawl and hood Premiere is wearing.
Happy Valentine's Day to all our followers.
Maman noticed that there is now 20 of you!
Love from Yvette Marie. xoxoxo