Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We are all ready for Halloween!
Maman spruced up these pretty Halloween postcards she found online.
We decided to share some with you.
Maybe you can save them to your computer and print them off for decorations for your own manoir!
We like this yellow dress with the kitty cat decorations.
House of Missy Mouse has a tutorial to show you how you can make a dress like this too!
We really want the tablecloth!

Here is dear Maman reading a spooky novel 100 years ago.
Tee hee...

We really like these two cards of the little witch.
We think she looks like a Bleuette!

This is Maman's favourite because the little dog looks like Kelsie.
We hope you liked the cards.
Hugs from Helena.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween!

We are getting ready for Halloween!
It is the day after tomorrow.
It is very wet and cold outside.
The leaves are falling.

Robinette and I are making a craft.
Maman bought it from the dollar store.

Zoe is filling the container for the trick or treaters.

Look what we are making!
She is nearly finished.

Robinette wants to know what in the world I have done to the little witch!
(I am pressing her down so her glue will dry!)

Maman has made Robinette a new apron for the BSC October challenge.
It is from 1912 and it is # 33.

Here is a side view of the apron.
I need a new apron too.
Maman is working on another idea.
Love from Yvette Marie. xoxoxo

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My trip to an island!

On Monday October 1st I did an exciting thing.
I traveled with Maman to Vancouver Island on a huge ferry.
I was packed safely in Maman's luggage so I couldn't see anything.
There were lots and lots of people on the ferry.
We sailed on "The Spirit of British Columbia".
It cost only $15 for Maman to go as a walk on. No one noticed two dolls in her luggage.
Ruthie came with me.
She is an American Girl doll.

Maman made the dress I am wearing for Yvette Marie but I borrowed it.
I like this dress a lot.
I am on Maman's desk at St John's House looking at a pretty passion flower.
Sarah Jean picked it from a vine in the front yard.
She is Maman's sewing friend.

Maman made me a pretty pair of underpanties and a pretty petticoat.
I was so happy.

This is where Maman and I stayed for 4 nights.
It was a very nice room.
You can see me laying down on the desk. Maman did hand sewing here.
She also made me a new plaid dress.

Ruthie and Alexi climbed big rocks in the back yard.
I wasn't allowed.
It was too dangerous.
Maman made Ruthie a pair of jeans.
Sarah Jean made all the rest. She is very talented.

We found a big bright pumpkin patch!
It was like summer on the Island.
I liked it a lot.

On Thursday we went to a pretty beach at Cordova Bay.

I typed a bit on Maman's iPad. Maman bought me a cute puppet.
I loved this place.

This is the ferry we rode on. Maman took this picture on the return trip.
Isn't this a pretty place?

This is Sarah Jean's very nice sewing room.
She and Maman sewed here every single day and sometimes at night too.

Here is Maman about to sew Ruthie's jeans.
She made Ruthie's new skirt too.
Maman was so relaxed she didn't get any migraines.
I am glad.

Here is Sarah Jean having tea on the patio.
Norman the seagull is on the cross in the background.
If you click on all the pictures you will see things better.
It was a very fun holiday!
Merci beacoup, Sarah Jean!
Your friend....Robinette!