Friday, November 12, 2010


Maman has designed a 2011 calendar for all our fans.
When it's opened up, it's 8" wide and 11" long.
It's a wall calendar and it features a special 4" x 6" glossy photo of me and Zoe for each month.
Just think, you can look at us all year long!
We think the calendar designs look quite "French" and suit our photos very well.

This picture shows Zoe for the month of July.

This picture shows the month of November with me, Yvette Marie, as the star.
The calendar is only $12.00 plus postage of $4.00.
If you would like a calendar please let Maman know by posting here or emailing her at
We have ONE calendar available.
All funds from the sale will go toward dolly clothes and shoes!
(Zoe and I think we have enough sisters now.)
Love from Yvette Marie

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We have a new cousin!

Here is a new cousin.
Maman has been saving her dollars and they have added up.
She saved them for a while before buying Ellowyne and now this new cousin.
Her name is Daisy.

Daisy is a Kestner mold in Bleuette size. The original Daisy doll was first made in 1911 by a German company for a ladies magazine in the USA. Daisy was 18" tall. Someone got the idea to make Bleuette size Daisy's and they are called Daisyettes! A lady named Beth Golding made our Daisy.
Maman likes her face paint and her wig.

Maman made Daisy her very own hankie dress. She also finished ThierrySucette's hankie dress, which was won in the draw many weeks ago. Maman is terribly slow these days. Maybe she should stop buying things like dolls and just concentrate on sewing!
That is me, Helena, wearing ThierrySucette's new dress. I'm modelling it. Hopefully I will get a winter dress in time for Christmas. Anyhow, I did get new socks and new black shoes.
Love from Helena
(this is my first post)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A most beautiful dress

Here is a gorgeous dress made by Tante Arlene. She is a SUPERB seamstress.
Maman admires her work very much. We hope Tante Arlene won't mind us putting her picture here. I want to keep it here so that Maman will see it often and then sew one like it for me.
Love from Yvette Marie