Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 2: pouting challenge!

Robinette and Helena have decided to make a couch.
The Bleu Manoir doesn't have one yet.
The blue velvet fabric is from a thrift store, and was only $2.99!
The rattan bench is old and was from an antique store. It was $6.00.

This is the Before picture.

Helena helps Robinette puff up the cotton batting before putting the blue velvet on.

Both of them love the feeling of the blue velvet.
They work hard at sewing a hem and tucking in the fabric at the sides.

The finished couch looks very nice.
Robinette and Helena both enjoy the comfort of sitting in a soft place after all their hard work!
The pouting challenge is fun.

Our friend, Madeline.

Well, we think this is Madeline.
She has a nice new wig.
Or else it's her fairly new sister.
We are not sure!
But we do love her new bathing suit and pool ring!
Love from Yvette Marie

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pouting Week at BSC!

Today is my first birthday being with cher Maman!
She found me one year ago today!
We went into the country for a pretty drive in the rain today.
What else is there to do in the rain?
We also did a lot of shopping.
We stopped at an Elvis Cafe for lunch.
You can see that Elvis is still in the building.
I thought it was fun to go to all these places.
This is in Ft. Langley.

I am looking at the juke box.
We were not sure how to turn it on.
We didn't stay here long.
We went to a very big antique store around the corner.
Maman bought the bee-oo-tiful garden swing you see me on in the top photo.
I just love it.
I had a very special birthday.
Today is Day 1 of the Pouting Challenge at BSC.
I think this will be a fun week!
Love from Robinette

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new pool for us!

Oh, we are so happy!
Zoe and I and all my sisters got a new pool last week.
It is very hot here in Vancouver and Maman filled up the pool for us on Saturday.
Zoe and I played in it all afternoon.
We had such fun.
Here I am getting ready to go down the slide.
It was a little scary at first.
Zoe looked far away.

But once I got going it was lots of fun!
Zoe liked sitting on the pool bench and dangling her feet.
She had a Koolaid sippy drink.
I had frosty lemonade.

Do you notice our little palm tree?
Palm trees grow well in Vancouver's climate.
We have an even climate all the time.
Except for lately.

Zoe got brave enough to use the slide. She loved it too.
Once my other sisters get new bathing suits they can come out too.
Then we can have a real pool party!

We also tossed a pink ball back and forth.
It was such fun!
Love from Yvette Marie and Zoe.

Friday, July 13, 2012

BBQ at Centennial Beach!

On July 9, Papa took us all to a new beach.
It's Centennial Beach in Ladner.
Maman really liked this beach.
It had lots of shells. She even found two sand dollars!
Here I am posing by some wild flowers.

Zoe and I had a BBQ picnic.
Maman brought everything with in the car.
We even brought our boat!

It was a lot of fun at the beach.
Maman gave us a pinwheel each.
They blew well because it was very windy.

I found lots of shells too.

We wish all our Bleuette friends could come too!
I hope you are having a fun summer.
We are too now that it's hot outside.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Summer, everyone!

This is our friend, Marianna, who lives in Virginia.
Maman has always wanted to visit there one day.
If she really does go, I plan to go with her!
Isn't Marianna adorable in this crocheted ensemble?
I wish Maman could make us one of these.
It is Very Hot here today. We are looking for our bathing suits.
They have been packed away for a long time!

Tante Marie made the set and these are her photos.
I am putting them here on the blog so Maman will be inspired.
Have a very happy summer!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo