Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dear Maman has finally gotten into the Swing of Things.
She's had a dreadful month full of Migraines.
We're so happy she felt much better this weekend.
She made a cute dress for me yesterday.
It took her 3 hours. I modelled it all over the house.
Here I am sitting outside on a lovely park bench given to us by Tante Julie MT.
Maman made the lovely Halloween mural on Friday.
She seems to really like Halloween but not the spooky gory part of it.

Today was such a beautiful day.
Yvette Marie woke us all up and after church we went on a picnic lunch in the country.
Tante Leona's horse and buggy are getting used a lot!
Do you like our picnic baskets?
Here we are without our masks.
They were too hot and sweaty.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Do you see our witch dollies?
Hugs and kisses from Zoe.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ellowyne... our new Bleuette sister!

Maman went to a doll show in Puyallup, WA on October 16, 2010.
Zoe and I didn't go with this time. It was a hurried sort of trip, and Maman only spent one night in Tacoma. She said the weather was gorgeous. It was cold but sunny with a bright blue sky.
Papa noticed the booth in the picture above.
He has a very beady eye. Maman hurried right over to the booth.
Here is Maman building a Bleuette! She got to choose a face mold and she picked out this one with brown eyes. This is a Seely Gold mold. It's also a 60/80 mold, which is what Helena is too! Maman didn't notice that until she got home. (they have a dimple in their chins!)
Maman took 45 minutes to choose a wig. She tried them all on. She loves ringlets and we now have 2 brunettes and 2 blondes in our family. Here Maman is putting socks and shoes on the new girl.

Meet Ellowyne! She whispered her name to Maman on the trip back! Ellowyne is just a little bit bossy but she knows that I'm in charge of the Bleu Manoir so I don't think I'll have too much trouble with her.
She is very pretty up close. She is a little embarrassed to be shown here without her unders and all.
Maman needs to make her some unders and a new dress. Right now Ellowyne is borrowing our things.
It's exciting to have another new sister but where will it stop?
I think Maman is getting just a little carried away. But this time it was Papa's fault! Plus Ellowyne was only $99.00 plus her wig.
Love from Yvette Marie

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Autumn Tea

Saturday, October 23, 2010 was a very exciting day!
We knew friends were coming over for tea, but when we came down to the kitchen,
someone new was there. It was a new sister!
Maman and Papa travelled to Puyallup WA last weekend and brought her back with them, and they kept it a surprise until today.
She told us her name is Ellowyne.
She is a Seely Gold mold, made by Terri Pender in WA.
Isn't she pretty? She is borrowing my autumn dress from last year, which Maman made.

Here is most of the gang squeezing into our kitchen.
I'm sitting at the table with Phoebe, who belongs to Sarah Jean.
Next to her is Helena, then Madeline, Emma Grace, Matilda and Ashley, with our new sister, Ellowyne, way in the back.

Here is Zoe in the back garden with Emily and Phoebe.

And here are all the Mamans together!
Our Maman loves to have tea parties.
This is the very first Bleuette tea, because last year Maman's friends didn't own any Bleuettes, and Sarah Jean lived far away in Toronto.
We think it's so very exciting that suddenly everyone has Bleuettes, except for Tante Leona, who is Maman's sister. But we're working on her.

Maman had a door prize. Everyone put their name in for the Drawing.
Papa pulled one name out.
Ashley won the prize! Ashley belongs to Maman Isabelle.

Here's all the Mamans with their Bleuettes.
Please click on the picture to see us all very well.

Here we are in the country, getting ready for the hayride!
We did this first, before the tea.
Tante Leona loaned us the horse and buggy.

Here we are meeting our new sister, Ellowyne.

Oh, this was such fun! The weather was fine too.

Zoe holding the picnic basket.

We found a spooky graveyard nearby the place we stopped to have our picnic.

Some of us were very scared.
We were sad when everyone had to go home.
I hope everyone comes back again soon!
Love from Yvette Marie

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maman's artwork

Last night Maman was fiddling with her Microsoft Picture It Publishing Program.
She's had it for around 10 years.
For some reason she got very brave last night and she figured out how to crop me and Zoe and put us in any photo! It's such fun you wouldn't believe it!
So here we are at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. Maman used a different button to create the artwork so the picture doesn't look like a photo.
What do you think? Isn't it neat?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yvette Marie's new dress

Here I am, wearing a lovely new lavender gingham dress, made by Maman of course.
She found a small piece of fabric in her stash. Now this isn't any ordinary fabric. It's 50 years old! It's vintage. Her Maman made a dress out of it a long time ago.
Look below and you will see Maman as a little girl in 1961, sitting on her Maman's lap.
See the pretty dress?
I'm so happy to have one made out of the same fabric.
Grandmere loves to save pretty things. You can see how handy this is.
I'm way behind on posting. Papa and Maman tore apart the office and the computer desk was sold.
The office is looking much better with all that stuff gone, but the rest of the house is a disaster.
The problem with keeping everything is that it soon piles up and it's too much.
Maman has had 3 migraine headaches in one week.
I think it's because throwing away the stuff is wearing her out.
Please leave a comment and let me know how you like my new dress!
Love from Yvette Marie

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The winner of our September draw is...

You won't believe this, but it's very legitimate!
We had Papa draw the name from the box.
The winner of our September contest for comments on our blog is:
She wins a set of cute fall apple buttons, perfect for our BSC challenge!
Thierry, we know you also won our August draw, but fair is fair.
You did comment the most times in September so it paid off!
Maman will send this prize along with your last prize which she is still working on.
Love from Helena and the girls.

Introducing Helena, our new sister

Maman was fiddling with her photo editor program thingy and look what she did with Helena's photo!
We think Helena looks lovely like this. Maman cut her picture from one that had sandy cliffs behind Helena and that just didn't look good at all!
Helena is a SFBJ 60 French repro Bleuette made by Tante Sylvia Whately. We think Helena is very beautiful. She has a mohair wig. Maman made her dress of course.
She arrived on Friday August 13, 2010.
Because of Admiral Camp and all we decided to officially introduce her here.
Have a great day, everyone!
Love from Yvette Marie