Friday, December 30, 2011

A very special gift from Tante Jeannie!

Maman received a package in the mail today!
It's the last package for 2011.
Me and Helena were chosen to open it.
Inside was a lovely tea pot on a plate with 4 cups.
There was also a beautiful Japanese scarf for Maman, and a red brocade purse.
There was chocolate and a wind up penguin.

We were so surprised!
It was a special Christmas gift from Tante Jeannie in Alaska!
Merci beaucoup, Tante Jeannie!
Maman put together an Asian tea for us.
You can see the tea set if you click on the picture.
The scarf is in the background.
Here is our new Japanese friend. Her name is Momo.
Love from Robinette

A lovely Christmas!

Here we all are on Christmas Eve.
Maman finally got the pictures up.
I'm very happy to say she is feeling much better.
We got new green handmade shoes, and lots of jewellery.
Do you notice how big our family is now?

Marielle received a brand new bonnet.
Maman bought it at UFDC and saved it all this time for her.
I will try very hard not to be jealous.

Marielle was very excited and tried on the bonnet.

Marielle usually lives in the doll cabinet because she is very delicate.
On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day she was allowed to come out and join us.
Now she doesn't want to go back!

Here is Ellowyne soaking in the tub.
She is prone to headaches so now she has a tub all of her own.
Of course we can share.
The sink is Papa's tooth brush holder but Maman washed and borrowed it.
Maman loves to play with us.
I hope she will stay well for a long time so we can have a new wardrobe for 2012!
Love from Yvette Marie

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all our friends!

Merry Christmas to you all!
This is all dear Maman could do for us this year.
She got very sick with a Bad Cold.
She had No Energy all week long.
Papa had to make the whole Christmas dinner!
Maman only made the salad.
These pretty dresses are from Tante Marie at UFDC.
Aren't they lovely?
Love from Yvette Marie 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blue cape

Isn't this a beautiful cape and bonnet?
It looks like she is ready to go to church.
I just love this cape and bonnet.
Dear Maman, please make me something just like this to wear to church.
This is Eustacie and her lovely ensemble is from Tante Marcie.
Maman borrowed the picture from AADCBleuette site.
Love from Yvette Marie.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two very pretty dresses and pink stoles.

Oh Maman!!!!
Look at Charmaine and Josee Helene all dressed up for the winter prom!!!!
Aren't those pink stoles marvelous?
The dresses are so pretty!!!!
And so are their shoes and socks!
Tante Julie took this picture. She and Tante Carol were very busy sewing for their girls.
I wish I could have a New Dress very soon!
Love from Yvette Marie

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A most beautiful dress and coat!

Isn't this gorgeous?
I do so like it.
But it doesn't belong to me.
This dress is by Tante Marie Scopel.
She is very talented at sewing.
Her dolls are so very lucky.

Oh Maman!
Just look at this beautiful coat, muff and hat!
Oh if only you could make me one like it.
Love from Yvette Marie

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is new?

Hello everyone! Maman is very busy with her studies.
She has a big exam coming up in one week.
We have a Christmas tree up at the Bleu Manoir.
There are pretty lights on it.
We will decorate it very soon.
Mammon's big computer broke an it is in the repair shop being fixed.
I don't know how to fix my spelling mistakes on the iPad.
So I will say good bye for now.
Love from Yvette Marie. Xoxoxo

Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 11 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour!

Maman has borrowed this photo from Tante Peggy who made it.
I do so wish Maman would make one just like it for me!
Maman is buried in WWI research right now.
She has forgotten all about sewing. But it is so exciting!
You can read about what she is discovering on her blog at House of Houben.
The outfit above was sold by GL from 1915 to 1917.
This is the era that Maman is studying. Her great Uncle William Williams died when he was only 19 in Greece on Feb 22, 1917. He was fighting with the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
That's why I'd love to have this uniform.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Monday, October 31, 2011

Our 100th post and Happy Halloween!

This is our 100th post!
Isn't that amazing?
I, Yvette Marie, have been the main poster here.
I love to tell about our life and adventures at the Bleu Manoir.

Maman helped us do a Halloween story.
You can read all about it on the main blog that Maman writes.
These are just a few pictures.

Maman has a new hobby.
It's called knitting.
She made the scarf hanging in our room up above.
We think the colours are pretty!

This picture is by Tante Donna.
We just love the costumes her Bleus are wearing!

This is our friend Emmy.
She lives with Tante Linda.
We really like her pretty dress!

This is a most gorgeous display!
We don't know who took the photo.

This photo is by Tante Laurie.
She made the very pretty dresses.
I just LOVE the black one!

This is Tante Jane's photo.
Maman says this is her most favourite photo of all.

We don't know who took this photo either.
Maman loves Halloween costumes.

Tante Robin made this dress.
It's soooo bee-ooo-ti-ful!

This photo and dress is by Tante Kathy.
Isn't it pretty?

And this photo is by Tante Vanessa at the Fanciful Twist blog.
Maman likes her blog very much.
This is an old picture.
Right now it's very windy outside. We hope many trick or treaters come to the door.
Maman made them all some little ghosts.
Happy Halloween!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tee hee...

When things are bad and getting worse, keep a cookie in your purse!
(photo to follow later)

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's autumn!

This is me. Zoe in the garden.
This picture was taken last year.
The pumpkins are beginning to come out in the stores now.
Maybe Maman will buy some more this year.
I love pumpkins!
I wonder where that dress went. It must be in my trunk.
Maman is neglecting us. She has bought another Big Girl.
This Girl is Very Big. Her name is Ruthie.
Love from Zoe.

Friday, September 16, 2011

An autumn Bleuette tea!

On September 15 2011 we had the second Bleuette teatime of the year.
But it was Robinette's first one!
Here is Maman and Tante Isabelle.

The tea table looked really nice!

Here is Tante Linda with Tante Isabelle and Kelsie the dog.

Here we all are!

We had a fine time onboard the good ship Amitie!

Ada Mathilda is playing darts with us.

Ada Mathilda scored the bullseye!

My new friend gave me some gorgeous batiste for Maman to sew.
It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A special post from Robinette!

My name is Robinette.
I came from Ruby Red Galleria far away in Hong Kong.
Maman discovered me at Rowbear Show in California.
I am sooooo glad she did!
I have had Big Adventures since she found me.
Maman made the collage.
Isn't it just so pretty?
We are at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC.
They are so beautiful.
This is Maman's very first collage.
Hugs from Robinette!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PART 4 of my Big Trip to California Story

Maman and I sure had fun in California.
It is a very busy place.
Maman had sore feet each day. Sometimes she soaked them in the hot tub.
This picture shows the lovely things the ladies from the BSC club donated to the Helper Room.
Maman bought tickets to try to win this but she didn't.
Maman was supposed to donate a nightie but she didn't get it finished in time.
I am wearing it down below to Claire's PJ party.

Maman bought many lovely new friends for me at the salesroom.
I don't mind at all.

Here is Marielle.
She is gorgeous!
Everything is made in France.
I especially love her hat and purse.
She came from Sylvie Bravot's booth.

Here I am arriving at the PJ party.

We are having fun playing card games.
Marianna had already left and gone to bed.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PART 3 of my Big Trip to California Story.

Oh, here is just one more picture of me and Maman in Disneyland!
It was sooooo exciting on Tom Sawyer's Island. There was just so much to do!
I really do wish that Madeline would have come with me.
This was a very fun wiggly bridge!

Tuesday, July 26 was a fun day!
Maman and I got to meet so many other Mamans and their Bleuettes in Tante Marie's room.
Someone even shared delicious brownies with us.
Here we all are lined up for a picture.
I cannot remember everyone's name but you can see me and Madeline!

The Bleuette wearing the white dress is very old.

These beauties are also very old. They belong to Tante Laurie.

Here I am all dressed up to meet Admiral Claire! We call her that because she always wears her hat and she was Admiral for last year's camp and she does not let us forget it!
Isn't that funny? She is very nice.

Tante Nicki made all these wonderful clothes.
Her Bleuette is so lucky.

We only met for one hour.
It was very rushed but so much fun!

Here I am meeting Marianna.
She belongs to Tante Marie.
The other little girl is a Heidi Pluszok. I don't think I spelled that right.
It was a fun afternoon!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo