Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A post from Robinette!

Bonjour, cher amis!
I haven't posted in a long time.
The New Big Sister is taking care of lots of things now.
Yvette Marie is busy in the kitchen.
So now I can type more on Maman's computer!
Isn't this a gorgeous dress?
We borrowed the picture from Ruby Red Galleria online.
That is a lovely place.

I came from the Ruby Red Galleria last year.
Maman found me at a big doll show in California.
She was so happy to find me.
So was I!
I didn't want to go back to China and the Galleria.
I'm so happy to live in Vancouver now!
Here is another pretty dress from the Galleria.

I can't decide which one I like best!

Which one do YOU like the best?

I have this one!
I love it but I need a pretty summer dress too.
Hugs from Robinette!

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Very Exciting Day at the Bleu Manoir!

Mr. Mailman knocked at our door this morning, May 28th.
He had two big boxes in his hands.
They both had a doll inside.
But this one in the pictures has come to live here with us at the Bleu Manoir.
Isn't she pretty?

She used to live with Violet at Tante Marie's house in Virginia.
She came a long way to live here in Vancouver!
Maman says we need someone to be in charge of us.
That will leave me more time to write and to make things in the kitchen.
I'm sure she will tell us her name soon.
She is a Rosette doll.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Happy Memorial Day to our American Friends!

These beautiful photos are by Tante Marie S.
This is Belissa.
Tante Marie made the pretty bathing suit of course.
She is a very talented seamstress.
I would love a bathing suit just like this.
It's nice and modest.

Here is the full length version.
Love Yvette Marie xoxoxo

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another very pretty dress!

This is the dress I would like Maman to make for me!
I think it is very sweet and pretty.
I also really like that purse and those pretty pink shoes!
I don't know when my birthday is. I think it's in August.
I remember my sisters found me in a fern cave when I came to live with them.
It was quite an adventure.
Tante Bonnie made this beautiful dress. 
It's called "1932 GL Grand Chic".
Love, Helena

A very pretty dress!

Isn't this a most stunning dress?
This is what I'd like Maman to make for me!
For my special birthday dress.
I already had my birthday but I would really like a new dress!
Tante Patti-Ann made it.
It's embroidered by hand. Maman has this pattern.
It's at the Bleu Door site but I don't know the # or the name.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxox

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday, Yvette Marie!

Today, May 21st, is Yvette Marie's 3rd birthday!
Maman went out and brought home a large cousin for the doll room.
She is wearing a beautiful pink dress.
She is an Armand Marseille doll with "370" on her neck and 2/0 under that.
Maman also brought home two very pretty plates for Yvette Marie.
Yvette Marie loves to work in the kitchen so she was very happy.
Maman also gave her a lovely bonnet that Tante Judith made and Maman won in a prize draw.
We love birthdays in the Bleu Manoir.
Written by Zoe

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Robinette's dyeing experiement!

Maman and I cut up hyacinth blossoms last Thursday.
They have a Very Strong Smell!!!!
Maman got a headache.
I made sure to borrow Yvette Marie's apron.

Next we strained the hyacinths after we boiled them.
The kitchen smelled lovely.
The blossoms don't look so pretty now.

Oh so very stinky!
A very strong smell.

Next Maman put boiling water in a big bowl.
We followed instructions from the Internet.
I didn't get too close.
We used a vinegar rinse for our cloth.

After the rinse we put in the hyacinth water.
We added the cloth but it wasn't very blue at all.
I think we need ten baskets of hyacinth blooms to make the dye blue!
When the cloth dried it was nearly white.
You can't tell it was dyed.
Maman says this teaches us patience.
We might try blueberries next.
Love from Robinette!