Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn is here!

We've only posted 6 times so far in the month of September.
Oh my goodness!
Remember that we add up all the comments for the month, and a name is drawn.
Helena will draw the name on October 1st and announce the winner.
The GRAND PRIZE will be shown on that day too.
It isn't as exciting as last month's prize but we know you will like it!
Tante Linda K took the picture above.
This is Talise-Marie and Zelie-Anne.
Of course Maman asked for her permission to put the photo here in our blog.
I think their dresses are lovely, don't you? I like their little Bible too.
I'll try to get Maman to help us post more in October.
Love from Yvette Marie and the rest.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A day in the country

 Zoe and her sisters had been invited to a hayride in the country.
Tante Christine had sent out the invitation, but because of the exciting package in the mail, Yvette Marie and Helena didn't care to go. Besides, their gingham dresses were still in pieces in the sewing room.
So Zoe put on a special little play outfit which Maman had bought at a store downtown, for only $1.00.
 She grabbed her red shoes, and her new red wagon.
Her little teddy bear came with for the ride.
It was a lovely autumn day, and the leaves were blowing down everywhere, making a very pretty path to walk on. Before reaching Farmer Maxwell's farm, Zoe loaded up her wagon with pumpkins (to take back to Yvette Marie so she could turn them into pies) and played with her teddy bear in the leaves.
Zoe loved the adventure of being all alone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

An exciting day!

We got a package in the mail today!
It was in a golden box with a pretty blue ribbon.
Helena and I were in our room playing with my doll, when Maman brought us the package.
We opened it up very quickly.
It was a special prize because Maman's photo of one of us in the White Challenge last month was one of the lucky ones picked randomly to win something!
There were 4 prizes. This is the second time Maman has won a prize.

The prize was 2 little Becassine figurines from Tante Julie T.
We think they are darling. We're going to keep them in a special place in our dining room.
Once I find out more about Becassine I'll post all about it here.
Zoe is away tonight at a Hayride in the country. She missed our package but I'm sure she'd rather be having fun at the Hayride.
Love from Yvette Marie and Helena

New dresses!

Here are the 3 of us in a nice picture, wearing some pretty dresses that Maman made.
But they are not for us!
They are for a customer. Maman sews hankie dresses for other little Bleuettes.
We model them for her. I really like the brown one I have on.
Maman saves the money she makes, to buy new sisters for us.
Helena is our newest sister. We like her a lot, but she is very quiet so far.
I'm sorry we didn't post for 2 whole weeks.
We are in the middle of Finishing Projects and Fall Cleaning.
You know how that goes!
Your friend,
Yvette Marie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brownie troop in Texas

This picture if from Maman's friend in Texas.
Her name is Mrs. Betty.
Mrs. Betty loves to play with dolls as much as Maman does!
We wanted to put this picture here because it reminded Zoe and me of our camping days.
These little girls are called Brownies.
Zoe and I can't figure out why, but we love Mrs. Betty's picture.
Their picnic food looks so yummy.
Please go and visit her blog and let her know that we sent you.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Admiral badges

We worked so hard for our Admiral badges at Camp.
Maman put our sashes together for us today.
We really like our sashes!
We're so glad we had a chance to go to Admiral Camp and we sure miss it.
We got home safe and sound on Friday.
At one point we were nearly shipwrecked on Deadman's Island but we made it home OK. The first thing we did was wash our uniforms of course!
Now Maman will put them away until next summer.

And the winner is...

Oh Thierry, do you know what you've won?
A HANKY DRESS made by Maman!
You did this by posting often all during August.
Zoe wrote out everyone's names and I put them in a big bowl.
Maman helped us draw out a name and it was yours.
When you read this you must email our Maman with your address and she will send the hanky dress to you next week.
We hope you will like it a lot.
We say Congratulations to you!