Friday, November 12, 2010


Maman has designed a 2011 calendar for all our fans.
When it's opened up, it's 8" wide and 11" long.
It's a wall calendar and it features a special 4" x 6" glossy photo of me and Zoe for each month.
Just think, you can look at us all year long!
We think the calendar designs look quite "French" and suit our photos very well.

This picture shows Zoe for the month of July.

This picture shows the month of November with me, Yvette Marie, as the star.
The calendar is only $12.00 plus postage of $4.00.
If you would like a calendar please let Maman know by posting here or emailing her at
We have ONE calendar available.
All funds from the sale will go toward dolly clothes and shoes!
(Zoe and I think we have enough sisters now.)
Love from Yvette Marie

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yuis said...

Maman Houben was very smart to make such a beautiful calender with you two as the stars! I know everyone who gets one will love to see you both every day of the year.