Friday, January 7, 2011

Ellowyne's day of fame!

In the BSC group, Tante Martha and Tante Melissa came up with a fantastic idea.
All the Mamans are invited to look at Impressionist Paintings and choose one to copy to make a dress for one of their Bleuettes.
Our Maman loves this painting by Renoir. It's called "Mother and Children".

Maman chose Ellowyne to be the model because of her long blonde hair.
Ellowyne is ecstatic to have her very own dress and coat and hat and muff.
She loves what Maman created using LSDS patterns from the Bleu Door Portal.

Here is Ellowyne turned into an Impressionist painting.
We are planning to print it out on cardstock and hang it up in her bedroom once she has one of her own.
Maman is thrilled with this first challenge of the New Year.
Happy New Year to all our friends.
Love from Yvette Marie


Lilymadonna said...

Ellowyne's day in the snow looks like such fun- hope she got some hot chocolate when she came in! I promised my husband he could have some when it snowed- guess that's today;-)
donna n

Loretta said...

Tee hee...Tante Donna, that's a really good idea! Hot chocolate. Yummy! I'll go and get Yvette Marie to make me some right now! We still have snow but it's all wet and yucky now. Ellowyne