Friday, February 18, 2011

The circus is coming to town!

The girls are soooo excited!
Zoe and Yvette Marie have been practising secretly for weeks!
Yesterday the Grand Event happened; the Circus came to town!
The other residents of the Bleu Manoir were thrilled to see posters about the circus near the Bleu Manoir.
The First Act was performed in front of a breathless audience.
Real lions and tigers, oh my!

Zoe seemed made for the job in her darling clown outfit.
She even had a special leash for her tiger.
Everyone was amazed and applauded wildly when Zoe lead the fierce beasts off stage.
The audience cheered and whistled when Yvette Marie appeared onstage, in a daring pink satin outfit, showing her shapely arms and legs.
After balancing on the tight rope for a glorious 5 minutes, she lightly dropped back down to earth, and performed with her black elephant; the mighty Esmerelda!

Everyone stamped and whistled loudly as the show came to an end.
It was a spectacular performance.

The crowd of girls surged forwards after the show in order to get closer to the mighty beasts.
Amazingly the animals were all tame and allowed the girls to touch them.

It had been one of the happiest days so far in the Bleu Manoir country.

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