Saturday, July 2, 2011


Look at the cute dresses that Maman bought for us!
No she didn't make them.
But we love them, and we love our Canadian flags!
Yesterday Canada was 144 years old.

Maman made chocolate cupcakes. It was her Papa's 82nd birthday.

We were so excited to see Princess Kate on TV!
She is here in Canada, visiting the other provinces with her husband Prince William.
We love Princess Kate's pretty hat and her pretty clothes.
Zoe and I watched her "live" on TV!

Look very carefully at Princess Kate's beautiful hat.
Grandmere told Maman that it has red maple leaves.
Maman thinks this is just TOO COOL. Maman hadn't noticed the leaves.
Now we all want a hat just like this!
Maman borrowed this picture from a very nice website.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day!