Friday, December 30, 2011

A lovely Christmas!

Here we all are on Christmas Eve.
Maman finally got the pictures up.
I'm very happy to say she is feeling much better.
We got new green handmade shoes, and lots of jewellery.
Do you notice how big our family is now?

Marielle received a brand new bonnet.
Maman bought it at UFDC and saved it all this time for her.
I will try very hard not to be jealous.

Marielle was very excited and tried on the bonnet.

Marielle usually lives in the doll cabinet because she is very delicate.
On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day she was allowed to come out and join us.
Now she doesn't want to go back!

Here is Ellowyne soaking in the tub.
She is prone to headaches so now she has a tub all of her own.
Of course we can share.
The sink is Papa's tooth brush holder but Maman washed and borrowed it.
Maman loves to play with us.
I hope she will stay well for a long time so we can have a new wardrobe for 2012!
Love from Yvette Marie

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