Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Easter dresses!

Maman has spent nearly the whole morning playing with us!
We have had such fun!
Then she took photos and played in her photo program.
Maman has had such fun. Tee hee!

Here is Robinette, myself, and Marielle in our new Easter dresses.
Well, mine isn't new but it matched my new shoes, purse and Easter hat the best.
I just love my new blue leather shoes!
They are made by Bravot in France.

Here is another pose of myself and Marielle.
She got to come out of the glass cabinet again so she is happy.

And here is all of us in our Easter Parade.
We all have a hat and Ellowne is very happy because she was chosen to wear the Bravot silk dress from France.
Tante Leona came and inspected us and she said she like Robinette's dress the best!
That was made by Maman last year at Tante Sarah Jean's house in Victoria.
Tante Leona also liked the pink crochet dress by one of Maman's friends.
This has been a lovely day!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo


betty said...

Your dresses are a feast for the eyes. Real eye candy.

Carolyn said...

Lovely! I always enjoy seeing your beautiful girls in all their finery.

Loretta said...

Merci Beucoup, dear Mamans! We are glad you like our dresses and that you read our blog. Love, Yvette Marie