Sunday, July 28, 2013

Something new and fun!

Hello everyone!
We haven't posted anything here for 3 whole months. Wow!
I wonder if you missed us?
Maman was very busy doing Family Tree things and travelling all over the countryside.
But we have two new sisters which were added to our family this year.
Fiona Barbie arrived on March 9th, and the new girl above came on April 15.
Her name is Anita. Marielle brought her home from France, but she has been very sick for a long time. She caught something on the cruise ship back and is finally up to taking pictures.

For the last week of July, the BSC challenge is a Pouting one where our Mamans must go out and shop so we stop pouting because we can't be at the UFDC convention in WA DC.
I will never ever forget when Maman and I went to convention in 2011!
Anyhow these are the items that Maman found the past few days.
Anita has a brand new dress made from a cute anchor print fabric.
She is sitting on a pretty carousel horse which was once a lamp.
She is holding a new umbrella to keep the sun off her fair complexion.
Two little frogs on in the pond. Part of the challenge was to find items which began with u, f, d, and c for UFDC. That was Tante Kimberly's idea. It was FUN for Maman to hunt for such things.
She was very surprised to find the carousel horse at a thrift store for only $7.99!
So this was a nice way to welcome Anita to our family.
Love from Yvette Marie   xoxoxo

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