Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink clothes!

This is one of our friends.
Her name is Madeline.
She is a Bellette, which is a cousin to Bleuette.
She is a little taller than we are.
Madeline's Maman made her a cute pink playsuit.
Doesn't Madeline look pretty?
I wish my playsuit would be finished soon!
Love from Yvette Marie


Linda said...

Dear Yvette Marie,

My Maman has been so bad this year, I have been just wanting new clothes for sooo long and she keeps finding kids to look after and neglecting me and my sisters. This week I stomped my little Mary Jane and Martha socked foot and demanded a new outfit. OK...maybe that isn't quite the way it happened...I said "Maman...pleassse can I have a new outfit? Please won't you make the pattern that came in the mail?" She finally agreed to work on it this week. I love my my sisters want one too but they have to wait in line cause I was here the longest...and did you see what else I got this week? I got a new Minnie Mouse dress...I love Minnie we need to figure out where to get Mickey ears, the ones here are all too big...sigh....oh oh...Maman is coming so I better go now and pretend I am in bed sleeping or no more new clothes for me,

Love Madeline
PS...I love your vespa...we should go riding together soon!

The Artful Diva said...

Madeline is a real doll!

Loretta said...

Oh dear. I just noticed that I got comments! Yay! I love comments! I only see them when I come to my blog. I should come very day, shouldn't I? I don't know if anyone else can see my comment to the comments. Oh Madeline! Do you have a Minnie Mouse dress? Wow. You are so lucky! Yvette Marie