Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smocking lesson Part 2

Last Wednesday Maman sewed ALL DAY LONG.
I think she was desperate to finish the smocking dress.
She even woke up that night trying to remember everything she had learned.
Sarah Jean taught her how to do the baby wave stitch.
That was on the next row of dots. It was complicated but Maman managed it.
It poured all day long.

Under the first row of baby wave stitches, Maman made a second row of upside down baby waves.
Do you see that they look like a diamond pattern?
Underneath that she did a row of cable stitches.

After lunch she used the sewing machine downstairs and sewed the dress together.
Sarah Jean taught her a really nice finishing stitch for the sleeves.

Here is a close up of the smocking. Isn't it lovely?
Love from Yvette Marie. xoxoxo

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