Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Special Diamond Jubilee Tea!

It's me, Robinette again!
I am having so many adventures all at once!
Maybe my pretty new dress is the reason for this.
Maman took me to a splendid Diamond Jubilee tea this past Monday.
It was held at Tante Isabelle's pretty house by the river.
I got to meet my friend Ada Mathilda again. She was wearing a gorgeous dress which Tante Trish in England made for her. We both had our British flags to wave, and Maman gave Ada a London style shopping bag.

Here is our dear Queen Elizabeth.
She has reigned on the Throne for 60 years!

I went exploring before the tea and found a lovely Eiffel Tower in the doll room.

I also found the baby's room!
I love all the perfume bottles on the dresser.
I also really like the baby's quilt.

Madeline was also at the tea.
She had a pretty pink crown dress like mine, too, and a lovely pink shawl.
She also had a string of pretty pearls.

We had a grand time at the Jubilee Tea!
Merci Beacoup, Tante Isabelle!

Maman made a special Jubilee cake.
It's called a Victorian sponge cake and it was very delicious.
Everything was so yummy.
I do like Jubilee Teas!
Hugs from Robinette.

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Nan said...

Your dolls and their adventures are simply amazing!!