Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Fiona Barbi!

This is Fiona Barbi!
She is a very special Rosette doll, made and painted by Tante Barbi Kantor Goldenberg.
Maman really admires her painting on the faces of these Rosettes.
Tante Barbi was the first person to make this reproduction mold for Rosette, Bleuette's Big Sister.
Maman had emailed Tante Barbi in December 2011 about buying one of these lovely Rosettes but then Tante Barbi became very ill and she passed away and can't make any more of her lovely dolls.
Maman was so very sad. But then Tante Ren emailed her in January 2013 and said she had a Rosette to sell. Maman sewed her fingers nearly to the bone to save up enough money to buy her.
And here she is!

Maman made her a pretty Easter dress this week.
The delicious candies and container are from Maman's friend, Tante Linda.

Here is Fiona Barbi in her new Shamrock dress.
She arrived at our home on March 9, 2013.

We think she will love living here at the Bleu Manoir.


betty said...

Your doll is beautiful. I love Barbie Kanter Goldberg's dolls. The painting is so pretty.

Jen said...

What a lovely Rosette! I am so glad you were able to bring her home!

Carolyn said...

Your Rosette is darling!!
I can't wait to start collecting for my new girl :o))
Carolyn Sue