Sunday, April 7, 2013

More pictures of Paris!

I was in Strasbourg for only one night before I hurried away to Paris.
This was because of the Poupee sale at the Musee de Poupee.
Maman has wanted to visit this museum but a long time ago in 2007 she and Papa could not find it.
No one knew where it was when they got to Paris. They did not know the name.
But I did! It was such fun to look at all the dolls for sale.

I would really like this poupee! Isn't she sweet?

After the museum I took the tour bus. Here is another picture of the Eiffel Tower.
I am very tired. I came back to Strasbourg on the train late on Sunday night.
It is raining right now and it is making me very sleepy.
I will turn off the lights after I drink my hot cocoa and go to sleep.
Tomorrow I must shop for my folk costume.
Bonne nuit! Marielle xo

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