Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pictures from Marielle in France!

Bonjour everyone!
That is the first word I learned how to say in French.
Here I am in Paris. I was there on the weekend.
It is so exciting here and so much to see and do all at once!
This is the lovely spring coat and hat Maman made for me.
It is a light blue knit wool. 
The pattern used is GL 1948 Pratique. Tante Christine Bridy gave it to us.

This is my B & B in Strasbourg, Alsace!
It is so lovely here.
I will show a picture of my room before I leave on Wednesday.

This is a very famous place in Paris.

This was a lot of fun! I really like the Eiffel Tower!
I didn't go to the top. I am too scared.

I took a peek in here on Sunday morning.
I think I spotted Evie's pink hat and braids.
She is here too!
I will post more later.
I wish you were all here too. L'amour de Marielle

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Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on this trip to Paris. Marille is very pretty. Nice pictures of the monuments of Paris. Keep in touch