Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Halloween Party

Anita is wearing a very pretty dress and apron which Maman bought at a doll show in Puyallup. None of us got to go with on the trip. But Madeline went in Tante Linda's suitcase. Our maman is quite addled these days. But yesterday was a Fun Day as we got to play again.

Here is Maman's Halloween tea table. We all love the orange, black and yellow decorations for Halloween. Tante Linda brought the brownies with orange icing and the ghost cookies, and Maman bought shortbread cookies and chocolate mint. It all looked very delicious.
Tante Leona gave the beautiful orange flowers in the middle.
We also love black cats!

Here is our Maman in the orange sweater.
Tante Linda is the other human here.
And the animal in the middle is Kelsie, our dog.
By Yvette Marie xo

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