Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pointe Claire Academy!

Here I am, Yvette Marie, at Pointe Claire Academy day class.
This is the BSC challenge for October 2013.
Maman is so behind in things due to family emergencies that I got in just in time!
I helped Maman make my apron. 
The class I chose to take is Victorian History.
Maman bought these lovely pictures at an antique show in the spring.
They are from cigarette boxes!
The pictures show Queen Victoria and her family.

My best friend Madeline came for the day class session.
Her apron has red stitching. Mine has orange. She is even wearing her whistle!
I don't know where mine went.

Here we are showing our aprons. Maman cut up Papa's old shirt.
It was very old but this piece made a nice apron.
After our history class we had a Halloween party.
By Yvette Marie. xo

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