Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A BSC Christmas Exchange Gift

This is me, Zoe. I am the model for the blue velvet dress for the BSC Exchange.
Maman had LOTS of fun putting this together for CindyJane.
Maman LOVES to go shopping!
Maman has SO MUCH stuff in her house that she did some of the shopping here at home!
Isn't that funny?
I love the blue velvet dress. It suited me to a T. I do so wish Maman would make me one.
It was soft and warm. It reminded her of her own blue velvet dresses she had when she was a little girl.
Anyhow I hope CindyJane's girls like this gift.

This gift was sent to Rochelle and her little Bleu, Pippi, in NY.
This was for the AADC exchange.
Maman had me be the model again. She promised that I would be rewarded.
I didn't mind modeling. It was sure lots of fun.

Here's a close up of me in the Christmas hankie PJs.
Who ever would have thought of making PJs out of a hankie? Tee hee.
We like to recycle in our house!
Hugs from Zoe.

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