Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A wonderful Christmas gift!

 What an exciting day in the Bleu Manoir!
Today, December 14, is the day to open our Exchange Gift.
It came last week but Maman kept it hidden from us.
It's from Tante Pauline. She lives far away. She sent lovely things for all of us.
Maman has made the pictures extra large so you can see our nice things.
Ellowyne is happy with a pretty hat and sweater that we think Tante Pauline knit for us.
Maman can't knit. She says she can't handle 2 needles at one time.
Zoe loves the chipmunk puppet.
Helena is riding the really nice rocking horse.
And I'm wearing the gorgeous sailor suit and hat which is very well sewn.

Oh, it's a very happy Christmas indeed!
Merci beacoup, Tante Pauline!
Love from Yvette Marie and the Bleu Gang

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sheri said...

Look at all those beautiful handmade gifts. Oh, why can't I have just an ounce of talent!