Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PART 3 of my Big Trip to California Story.

Oh, here is just one more picture of me and Maman in Disneyland!
It was sooooo exciting on Tom Sawyer's Island. There was just so much to do!
I really do wish that Madeline would have come with me.
This was a very fun wiggly bridge!

Tuesday, July 26 was a fun day!
Maman and I got to meet so many other Mamans and their Bleuettes in Tante Marie's room.
Someone even shared delicious brownies with us.
Here we all are lined up for a picture.
I cannot remember everyone's name but you can see me and Madeline!

The Bleuette wearing the white dress is very old.

These beauties are also very old. They belong to Tante Laurie.

Here I am all dressed up to meet Admiral Claire! We call her that because she always wears her hat and she was Admiral for last year's camp and she does not let us forget it!
Isn't that funny? She is very nice.

Tante Nicki made all these wonderful clothes.
Her Bleuette is so lucky.

We only met for one hour.
It was very rushed but so much fun!

Here I am meeting Marianna.
She belongs to Tante Marie.
The other little girl is a Heidi Pluszok. I don't think I spelled that right.
It was a fun afternoon!
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

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