Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A handstitched quilt!

Maman is planning to get us to help her make a quilt!
We don't even have a bed of our own.
But Maman is in charge of the new BSC challenge for January and February.
It is called Little House Challenge.
A long time ago a little girl named Laura Ingalls lived in many little houses far away in America.
Everyone in the BSC group loves the books she wrote when she grew up.
So Maman is in charge of the challenge to dress Bleuette like Laura.
We also can try to do the things Laura did.
She made a nine patch quilt so we are going to try too.
This is one of the designs we will work on.
This is Becassine.
Love from Yvette Marie

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sheri said...

Sounds like fun! Happy stitching!!!