Monday, January 16, 2012

A new scarf set!

I am soooo excited!
Maman won a PRIZE from the BSC challenge in December!
It is a beautiful scarf, hat and mittens set made by Tante Karen.
It belongs so well with my Valentine coat so Maman said I could wear it first.
Of course we always take turns with new things.

We had new fresh snow today so my new set looks so pretty in the white snow!
But I don't have boots so I didn't play in it.
I didn't wish to spoil my red shoes.
I love the winter time!


Anonymous said...

Oh my what pretty dolls you have! Have viewed 1/2 dozen of your pretty doll posts and they make me wish I had been more careful with my dolls when I was little!

Come by and sign up for my fun giveaway!

bee blessed

Anonymous said...

I love Yvette Marie's new hat and scarf and mittens. They look so lovely with her Valentine coat! How pretty she is and ready for the cold weather.