Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here is me, Robinette, in a brand new Christmas dress.
Maman finished it at the very last minute on the last day of 2011!
I just love it.
It's so very pretty with green velvet ribbon at the waistline.
Maman used a free pattern from Tante Martha.
She loves using her patterns as they are so easy to do.
The waistline was a little tricky, as it's smaller than the bodice, but Maman cut it with tiny scissors and then she stretched the skirt to fit.
Maman has been sewing for nearly 40 years so she is good at it.
Well, I think so anyhow.
Guess what? Maman has won the red scarf set for a PRIZE for entering into the BSC challenge.
Isn't that amazing? I am so glad she finished my dress in time.
Now I need a new coat to match.
Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!
Love from Robinette

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Anonymous said...

Robinette's new dress looks so nice on her. What sweet innocence! Happy New Year!