Friday, April 13, 2012


Here is me.
I am standing on Maman's night table with Zoe for Easter.
I love my new hat and my new dress and shoes.
Maman smocked my dress.
Isn't it pretty?

Maman was resting and she noticed how pretty the light was in the room.
I love pretty things too.
I can't stay in sunshine though as it will ruin my pretty complexion.
Maman has a pretty bedroom with many dolls.
Do you see Zoe?
Maman didn't let us stand here for long.
She thinks a Big Earthquake might happen soon.
She doesn't want us to fall.
Neither do I!


Carolyn said...

She's beautiful and I love her dress. So sweet!

Linda said...

Robinette is so cute!

betty said...

Love the smocked dress.

sheri said...

Robinette, your Maman has made you a beautiful dress. Maman has a very nice bedroom and I especially love her pretty white telephone!!!