Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday, Yvette Marie!

Today, May 21st, is Yvette Marie's 3rd birthday!
Maman went out and brought home a large cousin for the doll room.
She is wearing a beautiful pink dress.
She is an Armand Marseille doll with "370" on her neck and 2/0 under that.
Maman also brought home two very pretty plates for Yvette Marie.
Yvette Marie loves to work in the kitchen so she was very happy.
Maman also gave her a lovely bonnet that Tante Judith made and Maman won in a prize draw.
We love birthdays in the Bleu Manoir.
Written by Zoe


Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Yvette Marie! And congrats on getting a new big cousin! She is lovely!

betty said...

Happy Birthday Yvette Marie! I also have a Bleu named Yevette. I love the AM. She is beautiful.

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