Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Robinette's dyeing experiement!

Maman and I cut up hyacinth blossoms last Thursday.
They have a Very Strong Smell!!!!
Maman got a headache.
I made sure to borrow Yvette Marie's apron.

Next we strained the hyacinths after we boiled them.
The kitchen smelled lovely.
The blossoms don't look so pretty now.

Oh so very stinky!
A very strong smell.

Next Maman put boiling water in a big bowl.
We followed instructions from the Internet.
I didn't get too close.
We used a vinegar rinse for our cloth.

After the rinse we put in the hyacinth water.
We added the cloth but it wasn't very blue at all.
I think we need ten baskets of hyacinth blooms to make the dye blue!
When the cloth dried it was nearly white.
You can't tell it was dyed.
Maman says this teaches us patience.
We might try blueberries next.
Love from Robinette!


Carolyn said...

What a shame! I do believe that blueberries will give you a much better outcome, or maybe blackberries.

Lilymadonna said...

Too bad- but that's why it is called an experiment;-) Cute photos, anyway...Robinette is so endearing.

Loretta said...

Merci beaucoup, dear Tantes! We are going to try again. Robinette xoxox

betty said...

I love the picture story of your cloth dying trials. Oh well! Try again.

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