Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our friend, Jacqueline!

This is our friend, Jacqueline!
Her maman's name is Janet.
She lives far away in the USA.
Her Maman made her a new dress and blouse using the Robe a Bretelles pattern.
The jumper is made from a Pashmina scarf!
We don't know what that is, but it looks warm and soft.
We like her little book too!

Tante Janet gave Maman permission to post Jacqueline's picture here on our blog.
We like to be inspired with new clothes.
Tante Janet also made Jacqueline's little socks.
And her blouse is made from her Papa's used shirt.
We think this is a very good way to begin 2013!
(with new clothes and socks and a new book)
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I love the clothes she wears. The boots are great, I also really like the photos. She looks like a real girl .. Keep in touch

Linda said...

She is darling, who made her?

Janet said...

Jacqueline is so happy to be visiting here. She has a new winter outfit, cuddly warm socks, and a little patchwork quilt. As she curls up in the the big blue chair with her book, she is thinking she is a very lucky girl indeed.