Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photos of the Bleu Manoir 2013

Robinette wishes to take the dog out for a walk, but Emily wants to play with her paper dolls.
Emily says that it's nice and cozy in the parlour by the fire place.

Phoebe is sitting by the sewing machine wondering where all the fabric went.
Someone was busy cleaning house yesterday!

Zoe can't close the sock drawer. Suddenly there are too many socks!
How can that be? Penelope is playing with the Chatty Cathy dolls on the bed.

It's a nice cozy Sunday afternoon at the Bleu Manoir! 
All the Bleus are very happy to have a proper bedroom at last.


Gael Shults said...

The girls seem so happy with their new house arrangement! It looks great and we enjoyed your nice story too. Now about that sock drawer..tee hee. We have one of those.
Tante Gael

Lilymadonna said...

the new rooms look great- I love the fireplace. The bedroom looks like a typical little girls room with some clutter- very cute! We put Chatty Cathy away with Christmas- maybe we should leave her out, too;-)

betty said...

Love the manor. Sock drawer looks familiar.