Thursday, August 4, 2011

The story of my Big Trip to UFDC and Disneyland! PART ONE

Maman and I had a great adventure last week!
On Saturday July 23, 2011, we took a big plane down to Anaheim, California.
The first thing Maman did was get me out of the hot suitcase and put me near the pool and the palm trees.
Maman and I love palm trees!

Maman was busy signing up for UFDC convention on Saturday night.
Then she ran to the Rowbear Show next door.
She bought something special there which you can see in the last photo.
On Sunday we all went to Disneyland!
It was a beautiful HOT day. Maman could not stop staring at the blue sky.
Here I am listening to the band at 10:30 am.

Maman made this dress just for me.
I even have mouse ears.

My bestest friend Madeline came with us. Her maman made her dress.
Later on she found some mouse ears too.
Aren't we cute?
Many people watched us having fun.

Maman likes to take photos of things way up high.

Here we are at night time, resting with some new friends!
Miss Resin in the fancy dress and hat has come home with us.
Maman bought her and the lovely bonnet I am wearing on Saturday night.
She did not waste any time buying things on her list.
Tante Linda bought the other Miss Resin and she won the little doll for a door prize.

Here are Maman's purchases on the very first night.

Here I am with Miss Resin.
Maman bought me a darling little Heidi Ott doll, and she bought my new sister an admiral bear to match her new clothes.
We had so much fun in California!

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