Monday, August 8, 2011

PART TWO of my Big Trip to California Story.

I forgot to put this in the first part of my story.
This is me with my carry on luggage.
Maman made something special for me. She put in little crayons and a Beccassine colouring book so I wouldn't be bored on the big plane.
This is our very nice hotel room on the 12th floor.

Here I am on Tom Sawyer's Island exploring the caves.
Madeline did not want to come here.
I still had fun, but it would have been much more fun with her.

Here we are outside Adventure Land.
Maman took a lot of pictures.
This was sure a fun place.

I really liked the Tiki Room!

This is Maman's tradition.
She and Tante Linda always come here for their picture.

I liked to practise by these boats.
I thought I was going on a big boat camping trip but I will let Miss Resin go instead.
It would be such fun if Admiral Claire's camp was on this pirate boat!

Maman got really carried away with her purchases in the UFDC salesroom!
Here is lots of silk ribbon, shoes, books, a lovely silk dress, and 2 babies!
I will write more about our trip later.
Love from Yvette Marie xoxoxo

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