Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our friend, Madeline.

Well, we think this is Madeline.
She has a nice new wig.
Or else it's her fairly new sister.
We are not sure!
But we do love her new bathing suit and pool ring!
Love from Yvette Marie


Linda said...

Dear Yvette Marie,
Hmm...I am really pouting now, you went to California with Madeline and you adopted Robinette and my Maman and Madeline adopted me, Bella, when everyone was there (your Maman even opened my box and inspected me to make sure I was going to be perfect) ...sigh...I guess I didn't stomp my dainty little foot loud enough so you would remember me! I just bet Robinette remembers me though cause she and I got to go to the fancy dinner at the convention and party with the other little bleuettes....and we had the nicest party hats on, mine is safely put away now with my party dress.

Dolly Pouts


Loretta said...

Cher Bella. Oops. I think Maman has too many migraine headaches. They are messing her up. I remember you exactly. Love from Robinette. Oops.