Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 2: pouting challenge!

Robinette and Helena have decided to make a couch.
The Bleu Manoir doesn't have one yet.
The blue velvet fabric is from a thrift store, and was only $2.99!
The rattan bench is old and was from an antique store. It was $6.00.

This is the Before picture.

Helena helps Robinette puff up the cotton batting before putting the blue velvet on.

Both of them love the feeling of the blue velvet.
They work hard at sewing a hem and tucking in the fabric at the sides.

The finished couch looks very nice.
Robinette and Helena both enjoy the comfort of sitting in a soft place after all their hard work!
The pouting challenge is fun.

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Helen said...


Love the couch!!