Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A new pool for us!

Oh, we are so happy!
Zoe and I and all my sisters got a new pool last week.
It is very hot here in Vancouver and Maman filled up the pool for us on Saturday.
Zoe and I played in it all afternoon.
We had such fun.
Here I am getting ready to go down the slide.
It was a little scary at first.
Zoe looked far away.

But once I got going it was lots of fun!
Zoe liked sitting on the pool bench and dangling her feet.
She had a Koolaid sippy drink.
I had frosty lemonade.

Do you notice our little palm tree?
Palm trees grow well in Vancouver's climate.
We have an even climate all the time.
Except for lately.

Zoe got brave enough to use the slide. She loved it too.
Once my other sisters get new bathing suits they can come out too.
Then we can have a real pool party!

We also tossed a pink ball back and forth.
It was such fun!
Love from Yvette Marie and Zoe.

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