Monday, July 23, 2012

Pouting Week at BSC!

Today is my first birthday being with cher Maman!
She found me one year ago today!
We went into the country for a pretty drive in the rain today.
What else is there to do in the rain?
We also did a lot of shopping.
We stopped at an Elvis Cafe for lunch.
You can see that Elvis is still in the building.
I thought it was fun to go to all these places.
This is in Ft. Langley.

I am looking at the juke box.
We were not sure how to turn it on.
We didn't stay here long.
We went to a very big antique store around the corner.
Maman bought the bee-oo-tiful garden swing you see me on in the top photo.
I just love it.
I had a very special birthday.
Today is Day 1 of the Pouting Challenge at BSC.
I think this will be a fun week!
Love from Robinette


Deirdre Gawne said...

Hi Robinette,
My husband and I remember those table top jukeboxes very fondly from when we were children. It was so much fun to flip through the selection and find a favorite song. Of course it also usually meant that we were eating at my favorite Italian restaurant -- yum lasagna (sp?)
Tante Deirdre

Loretta said...

Dear Tante Deirdre,
That sounds just yummy! The juke box wasn't working on this day. But there was some nice music playing. Maman's hamburger was yummy too! Love from Robinette.