Sunday, September 26, 2010

A day in the country

 Zoe and her sisters had been invited to a hayride in the country.
Tante Christine had sent out the invitation, but because of the exciting package in the mail, Yvette Marie and Helena didn't care to go. Besides, their gingham dresses were still in pieces in the sewing room.
So Zoe put on a special little play outfit which Maman had bought at a store downtown, for only $1.00.
 She grabbed her red shoes, and her new red wagon.
Her little teddy bear came with for the ride.
It was a lovely autumn day, and the leaves were blowing down everywhere, making a very pretty path to walk on. Before reaching Farmer Maxwell's farm, Zoe loaded up her wagon with pumpkins (to take back to Yvette Marie so she could turn them into pies) and played with her teddy bear in the leaves.
Zoe loved the adventure of being all alone!

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