Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brownie troop in Texas

This picture if from Maman's friend in Texas.
Her name is Mrs. Betty.
Mrs. Betty loves to play with dolls as much as Maman does!
We wanted to put this picture here because it reminded Zoe and me of our camping days.
These little girls are called Brownies.
Zoe and I can't figure out why, but we love Mrs. Betty's picture.
Their picnic food looks so yummy.
Please go and visit her blog and let her know that we sent you.

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colleen said...

Maybe you really like Mrs. Betty's photo because you like Ginnys! We do! They live across Maman's room from us. We can see them and wave. Sometimes one or two of them come to our shelves for a visit. They love ChantalCherie because she teaches them 1950s dances she learned at Tante Candy's when she went to Bea's. Ginnys are perfect little cousins for us! Do any live chez vous?
Hugs to the three of you from ThierrySucette