Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn is here!

We've only posted 6 times so far in the month of September.
Oh my goodness!
Remember that we add up all the comments for the month, and a name is drawn.
Helena will draw the name on October 1st and announce the winner.
The GRAND PRIZE will be shown on that day too.
It isn't as exciting as last month's prize but we know you will like it!
Tante Linda K took the picture above.
This is Talise-Marie and Zelie-Anne.
Of course Maman asked for her permission to put the photo here in our blog.
I think their dresses are lovely, don't you? I like their little Bible too.
I'll try to get Maman to help us post more in October.
Love from Yvette Marie and the rest.

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yuis said...

Talise-Marie and Zelie-Anne are so cute in their pretty summer frocks. I like seeing them tending to their spiritual needs. A Bible is a good thing to read. It gives us strength and sustenance.