Thursday, September 23, 2010

An exciting day!

We got a package in the mail today!
It was in a golden box with a pretty blue ribbon.
Helena and I were in our room playing with my doll, when Maman brought us the package.
We opened it up very quickly.
It was a special prize because Maman's photo of one of us in the White Challenge last month was one of the lucky ones picked randomly to win something!
There were 4 prizes. This is the second time Maman has won a prize.

The prize was 2 little Becassine figurines from Tante Julie T.
We think they are darling. We're going to keep them in a special place in our dining room.
Once I find out more about Becassine I'll post all about it here.
Zoe is away tonight at a Hayride in the country. She missed our package but I'm sure she'd rather be having fun at the Hayride.
Love from Yvette Marie and Helena

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