Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Admiral badges

We worked so hard for our Admiral badges at Camp.
Maman put our sashes together for us today.
We really like our sashes!
We're so glad we had a chance to go to Admiral Camp and we sure miss it.
We got home safe and sound on Friday.
At one point we were nearly shipwrecked on Deadman's Island but we made it home OK. The first thing we did was wash our uniforms of course!
Now Maman will put them away until next summer.

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colleen said...

Yvette Marie and Zoe! You look very much the Admirals in training with your badges on your sashes. As soon as Maman took our photos she washed our uniforms and packed them away -- even our whistles from Tante Isabelle!
At least we are getting new play clothes for the Hay Ride. How about you? Will Helena come , too?
Hugs from ThierrySucette