Thursday, September 23, 2010

New dresses!

Here are the 3 of us in a nice picture, wearing some pretty dresses that Maman made.
But they are not for us!
They are for a customer. Maman sews hankie dresses for other little Bleuettes.
We model them for her. I really like the brown one I have on.
Maman saves the money she makes, to buy new sisters for us.
Helena is our newest sister. We like her a lot, but she is very quiet so far.
I'm sorry we didn't post for 2 whole weeks.
We are in the middle of Finishing Projects and Fall Cleaning.
You know how that goes!
Your friend,
Yvette Marie


yuis said...

I like the hankie dress with the white flowers, green leaves and pink edging the best. But they are all fabulous! I hope you can sell lots of little hankie dresses so that you can get more Bleuette friends. : )

Loretta said...

Thank you so much, Miss Gladys. You are very kind! Maman thinks she will make the price a bit higher as it takes so long to make each dress!

yuis said...
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yuis said...

I don't blame Maman at all! She deserves a higher price. Could you ask Maman to contact me? I would like to see about getting a hankie dress for my girls! ryoIE9 @ (no spaces)

sheri said...

Oh, I have a new girl coming who needs a new wardrobe and would love a nice hankie dress, too! Does Maman still make them?