Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dear Maman has finally gotten into the Swing of Things.
She's had a dreadful month full of Migraines.
We're so happy she felt much better this weekend.
She made a cute dress for me yesterday.
It took her 3 hours. I modelled it all over the house.
Here I am sitting outside on a lovely park bench given to us by Tante Julie MT.
Maman made the lovely Halloween mural on Friday.
She seems to really like Halloween but not the spooky gory part of it.

Today was such a beautiful day.
Yvette Marie woke us all up and after church we went on a picnic lunch in the country.
Tante Leona's horse and buggy are getting used a lot!
Do you like our picnic baskets?
Here we are without our masks.
They were too hot and sweaty.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Do you see our witch dollies?
Hugs and kisses from Zoe.

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