Sunday, October 3, 2010

The winner of our September draw is...

You won't believe this, but it's very legitimate!
We had Papa draw the name from the box.
The winner of our September contest for comments on our blog is:
She wins a set of cute fall apple buttons, perfect for our BSC challenge!
Thierry, we know you also won our August draw, but fair is fair.
You did comment the most times in September so it paid off!
Maman will send this prize along with your last prize which she is still working on.
Love from Helena and the girls.


colleen said...

ThierrySucette will not be allowed to comment any more if she keeps winning prizes! She asks that you NOT put her name in the hat next month so that she can write to Yvette Marie, Helena and Zoe! She loves having them as friends -- but she is now embarrassed about winning another prize. She wants them to know that she is their friend, and that she does not write just to win bon bons ( although she is thrilled, never having won anything before!).
Cordially, Colleen

Loretta said...

Oh little ThierrySucette! You don't need to be at all embarrassed! You can share the buttons with your sisters! Maman has to hurry and finish your first prize. She is the one that is so embarrassed. She says she didn't notice that September went past before she could blink. What on earth is she talking about? We'll let ThierrySucette know when the package is on it's way. Love Yvette Marie

yuis said...

Congratulations, Theirry-Sucette. It is a fine thing to win a prize, even twice!